Class Notes

I had a GREAT time teaching you today! Thank you for making the trip out to learn. PLEASE send me emails with pictures of your trips to the store and how much you saved and I will post them for everyone to see. I will start giving you the listing of what I do as well when I post pictures. Also, if you "follow" me, you can post comments on my blog and ask any questions you may have.

As promised, here are some links that you will want to use:

Moolala - sign up for amazing daily deals!

Groupon - daily deals are posted - lots are hard to beat

Saveology - lots of times, they have a $15 CVS gift card for $5!

Swagbucks Sign Up (Also the place where you will get coupons)

Sample Showcase

Publix Baby Club

Smartsource Online

Redplum Online


Savingstar (Where you load your grocery/drugstore cards)

Southern Saver Site - Match Ups

Save With Me on Facebook ("Like" for updates)

Thanks again for coming and I hope these help you!