Nov 30, 2011

Who wants to see me on "Extreme Couponing"????

I would REALLY like to get on the show and show off my mad couponing skills! LOL! In fact, my main goal will be to show people how they realistically can coupon and save money yet:
  • Save product on the shelves for others
  • Not go overboard
  • Be realistic about savings and how to get coupons
I need to beef up this blog along with my Save With Me Facebook Page. Please send your friends over to "Like" my page! Ideally, I'd like to have around 500 people following the page. I know this is going to be tough, but I really need it to look GREAT for my application.

To make it fun, I am willing to send a FREE coupon starter kit to the person who sends the most people over to "Like" my page. Tell them to mention your name on the wall and I will keep track.

Thanks so much!!


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