Apr 7, 2011

1st Order of Business: Where in the world are all these coupons hiding?!?!

Of course we all know that the Sunday paper has loads of coupons in it, right? Well, I will tell you from experience that Sunday is the ONLY day that coupons come, so don't bother with a subscription (I signed up and realized that a lot of money was going down the drain as I only want coupons and not the acutal paper - LOL) What you are looking for are 1 of 3 different coupon inserts: Red Plum, Smart Source and P&G. Typically I get 2-3 papers each week and have been known to grab 6 depending on what the ads look like for the new week ahead.

Search & WinYou can also get coupons from other various online resources. One of my favorites is Swagbucks. This site ROCKS! You can sign up and get gift cards, etc. How does it work? Well, the link I just posted is for my referral page. Each time someone signs up under me, I get free points. What's the WIIFM? (....or what's in it for you??) Well, there are coupons listed on the site along the left-hand side. When you print coupons - which you can print 2 of the same coupon per computer - and use the coupons, you get 10 points. It is really that easy. Another sweet tid-bit about this site is that you can use their search feature and win points randomly just by searching. You can very easily get $5 giftcard to various stores!

Some other sites to note for coupons are:

http://www.coupons.com/couponweb/offers.aspx (Keep in mind that this website and Swagbucks have the SAME coupons. I would always print from Swagbucks so you can get the points for using the coupon!)

Facebook is also a great resource for coupons as well as product websites!

Okay, well that should get a little information in your hands. I will be back with more later, but I don't want to overwhelm you! Ha!

Have a great night!


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  1. We get the Sunday paper only. I get coupons, Tom gets the sports, calendar section and comics.

    (Love your profile pic, by the way. Very youthful! Forty year old me is not jealous... just wistful, lol.)