Apr 6, 2011

It's Beginning...

Welcome to my blog!

I have decided to show you all how I am saving so much money when I shop. It is VERY addicting saving so much money on stuff! You may think, "Coupons make me buy things I will never use" or "Why did you buy that? You will never use it?" Well guess what? If it is free, then who cares? Someone will use it! Here are some examples of what you can do with all of the extra stuff you get (feel free to add your ideas):

  • Send a care package overseas to someone serving in the military
  • Put together ziploc bags of a few items and hand them out to the homeless
  • Stocking stuffers!
  • Send a package to someone working in the Missions field
  • Donate to a local hospital or food bank
  • Use it! I have found more new things that I love that I would have never tried before couponing!
Please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions! Have fun and HAPPY SHOPPING!